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Can I apply although my country is not listed in the drop-down list? Hits: 5877
For my scholarship application, can I apply to multiple universities Hits: 5757
How many applications does the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students get? Hits: 5044
I am in Switzerland since more than 1 year. Can I apply for a Swiss Government scholarship? Hits: 5074
Can I apply if I have passed the age limit of 35 years? Hits: 5447
What is the deadline for the application? Hits: 5878
Is there an online application procedure? Hits: 5834
I already hold a Master degree and I want to apply for a scholarship. Am I eligible? Hits: 5110
What is the Methodology for the Website? Hits: 8361
I would like to start the scholarship in the spring semester (January). Am I eligible? Hits: 5739
I have not yet finished my Bachelor degree. Am I eligible for a Swiss Government Scholarship? Hits: 5434
I am already studying in the 1st year of a Master program at a Swiss University. Am I eligible? Hits: 5594
How to add a University? Hits: 7324
I am required to attend a complementary program? Hits: 5016
What do you mean with this recognition signs? Hits: 30492
Admission of Foreign Students Hits: 7410
Where did the idea for Universities Handbook come from? Hits: 5693
Where can I get the application package? Hits: 12423
What are the language requirements to be eligible for a Swiss Government Scholarship? Hits: 13427
study Medicine or Pharmacy in Switzerland Hits: 34705
What kind of studies can be undertaken with a Swiss Government Scholarship? Hits: 14750
Can I apply for a scholarship to undertake a Bachelor degree? Hits: 11818
Do you want to be a Dentist? study Dentistry in Switzerland Hits: 12498
Do you want to study Law in Switzerland? Hits: 8295
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