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I want to apply for a scholarship for a Master Program

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I want to apply for a scholarship for a Master Program. It is stated in the List of required documents that I have to write a 2 page personal statement (point f). What is this personal statement? Is it an important document?

The personal statement is the most important part of your application. Your must devote all your attention in preparing it. Try to ask yourself this question: There are thousands of applications. What is going to make my application more interesting than the others? Why should the selection Committee choose my application?

Start by putting your ideas on paper, and list the goals and objectives of your project. As you work on your proposal, consider the following questions and remember your audience (the Evaluations Commission is composed of University Professors. It is a competitive procedure and I have lots of competitors).

A good statement has to be original (writing that you wish to come to Switzerland because it has good academic institutions and a long scientific research tradition is not an original statement.) The statement has to show why your application is more interesting than another one.

In a direct and persuasive manner, address the following: What do you propose to do? What is exciting, new or unique about your project? What contribution will the project have on your future career? Where do you propose to conduct your study or research? Why is it important to come to Switzerland to carry out your project? Why do you want to do it? Is there a multiplying effect with your project?

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