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Canton Nidwalden
Top Ranked Universities in Nidwalden - Switzerland

Nidwalden (German: Nidwalden) is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the centre of Switzerland. The population is 40,287 (in 2007) of which 4,046 (or 10%) are foreigners. The capital is Stans.

Nidwalden is located in the centre of Switzerland. To the north it is bounded by the Lake Lucerne.

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Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland (German: Hochschule Luzern, Schweiz) is a Swiss public vocational university with campuses in Lucerne, Horw and Zug. The University offers Bachelor and Master programmes and also postgraduate courses that confer a Certificate, Diploma or Master of Advanced Studies upon completion, such as ENBau. Resear ...

The University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland, PHZ (Pädagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz) is one of 15 university-level teacher training institutions in Switzerland. PHZ offers: Basic teacher training for the pre-school level, primary level, and for the lower secondary level In-service education and supplementary training for teachers Re ...

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