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The Marketing and Business School Zurich (MBSZ) focuses on providing high-quality education in the business and commercial fields, and has been doing so successfully since 1996. It strives to develop people who lead others productively. Known for passionate teaching in small groups and academic excellence, the MBSZ prides itself in ensuring that its stu ...

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The Montreux School of Business, a non-denominational private university founded in 2011, is located in the French-speaking resort town of Montreux-Territet on the Swiss Riviera. The state-of-the-art facilities of MSB are housed in a beautiful Belle Epoque building that first opened its doors as a sumptuous hotel in 1904. 1. Promote the use of innova ...

Category:Canton Vaud

maz - the swiss school of journalism is the leading educational institution for journalism in Switzerland. It has a clearly defined mission: the training of younger journalists and providing further education for experienced professionals. We teach more than «communication», we teach journalism. For us, it is an essential distinguishing feature: journal ...

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Management School St.Gallen, MSSG Switzerland: What kind of knowledge is crucial for your success? The Management School St.Gallen conveys management and leadership competencies on the basis of the St.Gallen management theory. With practice-oriented management seminars and management trainings in all disciplines. With company-specific teaching programs. ...

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