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The BVS Business School has trained thousands of graduates since 1975 and successfully accompanies attractive and responsible jobs. The training at the BVS Business School at the BA level "Bachelor of Business Administration" or master's degree is worth today, thanks to the Bologna reform especially. Existing vocational training in the areas squad, mark ...

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Benedict School (German: Benedict-Schule, Schweiz) is the largest Private School in Switzerland including: Language School, Commercial School, Business Administration School, Hotel Management School, Health Care and Information Technology. The Benedict Schools are private schools in Switzerland with locations in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen. You ...

Business and Hotel Management School, BHMS, is a reputable Hotel Management School,  BHMS is part of the renown Benedict Schools Switzerland who is educating more than 18'000 full and part time students each year. Benedict schools established in 1928, is a strong and vibrant organization and is one of the largest privately owned education organisat ...

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