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Trisakti Institute of Tourism (STPT) was established in 1969. With its long journey and experiences, STPT is fully committed in developing the high and international standard quality of human resources in Hospitality & Tourism Industry. STPT is the winner of PATA Grand Award 2004 in Tourism Education and Adhikarya Pariwisata 2006, and a school where ...

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When we signed an MOU with IMI University Centre in 1997, KDU College became the first educational institution that could offer prestigious Swiss qualifications to its students, without the need to go abroad. Students can now obtain Swiss diplomas, degrees, and masters locally, although many do opt to go abroad and spend some semesters in Switzerland, t ...

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ITIS Malta is part of one of the largest specialist International Tourism Institutes in Switzerland and offers internationally recognised Diploma & Bachelor Degree Courses in Tourism Management. ITIS Malta has the same objectives and missions as all other ITIS partners. It is committed to advance education and training in and for industry and by a d ...

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SIM University (UniSIM) is a private university in Singapore. Established in 2005, UniSIM is approved by Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE) to award recognised Singapore degrees. The university is part of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Group. Since July 2008, MOE subsidises tertiary education at UniSIM for eligible adult Singapore Citi ...

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