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Canton Fribourg
Top Ranked Universities in Fribourg - Switzerland

The Canton of Fribourg is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the west of the country. The capital of the canton is Fribourg. The name Fribourg is French, whereas Freiburg is the German name for both the canton and the town.

Over 15,000 students and more than 300 professors ranging from close to 100 different countries come together in Canton of Fribourg.

On our website we have 7 great Universities/Schools in Fribourg offering Higher Education for Local and International Students.

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The University of Fribourg is the bilingual university "par excellence" in Switzerland. Fribourg is a typical university town, with a high quality of life and excellent conditions for progressing in one's studies. At the crossroads of Germanic and Roman languages, it constitutes a cultural bridge between the German and French traditions, as well as betw ...

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Orthodox Theology, Switzerland (French: Institut d'Etudes Superieures en Theologie Orthodoxe, Suisse) located in Geneva and is the only Orthodox Postgraduate Institute in Switzerland offering study programs in Greek language too in Switzerland

University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland - HES-SO Opened in 1997, the HES-SO is the largest professional higher education network in Switzerland. It currently hosts some 14'000 students: key dates. Its 27 schools located in 33 sites of the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchatel, Valais, Vaud and Berne, its 31 sites offer courses and othe ...

The international institute of management in technology affiliated to the University of Fribourg is in Switzerland and Europe a leading and dynamic Institute for continuing education and research. Our competence is a future-oriented and practical development of executive managers in the sector of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Management ...

The mission for the Universities of applied sciences (UAS) is laid down by federal law governing the HES.The School of Business Administration Fribourg clearly fulfils the 4 main principles of this mission, which are as follows: Provide practically-based instruction leading to Bachelor and Master degrees, and laying the foundations for professional a ...

The Fribourg University of Education - HEP Fribourg - PH Freiburg, Switzerland  (German: Padagogische Hochschule Freiburg - Schweiz, French: Haute ecoles pedagogique Fribourgeoise - Suisse) is a State University in Canton Fribourgh/Freiburg in Switzerland offering study programs for Teachers.

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