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Canton Aargau
Top Ranked Universities in Aargau - Switzerland

Aargau (German Aargau; rarely anglicized Argovia) is one of the more northerly cantons of Switzerland. It comprises the lower course of the river Aare, which is why the canton is called Aar-gau (meaning Aare district).

Its total area is 1,404 square kilometers (542 sq mi). The capital is Aarau. It borders Germany to the north. To the west lie the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Solothurn and Bern. The canton of Lucerne lies south of the canton of Aargau, Zuerich and Zug to the east.

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Inovatech Technical School (Geman: Inovatech AG Hohere Fachschule HF fur Technik, Wirtschaft und Informatik) is a private school in Zofingen near the City of Aarau in Canton of Aargau in Switzerland. The Inovatech Technical School is Accredited by the Canton and offering a Federally recognized degree. the school is a German speaking school.

University of Business and Finance Switzerland: In a realignment of its activities, UBFS concentrated all its master and bachelor courses at its campus in Geneva as from January 2009, and discontinued its activities at Wettingen. Last degrees were awarded by UBFS Wettingen in spring 2010. UBFS Geneva was operated by and ultimately merged with the Geneva ...

The UK-based Open University has pioneered and popularised supported distance learning throughout the world. It is a not-for-profit university and the largest in the UK. All its courses are taught in English. For the international student, the flexibility and quality of our courses and our support systems are crucial to personal success. The Open Univer ...

City University of Seattle: Switzerland is one of the major tourism nations and birthplace of international Banking, High-Tech Industry and Insurance Businesses. Three important European cultures German, French and Italian come together in Switzerland and many Swiss speak two or more languages, with English as a fourth unofficial national language. Many ...

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