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Best Hospitality Schools in Switzerland

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Swiss Hospitality Management Schools and Institutes are Top Ranked Hospitality Schools in the world - World's Best Hospitality and Business Schools you can find them in Switzerland

Q: I am planning to study Hotel or Tourism Management in Switzerland, but I am not sure which is the best Hotel school, Can you please give me your recommendation, J.K.


A: Actually you cant say that there is one Best Hotel School in Switzerland, in Switzerland maybe you can find the Best Schools to study Hotel Management, and according to what they write, we can see that their students are getting very good jobs after graduation, and even During your study in any Hospitality school in Switzerland, you can work 6 Months per year and will earn around 2500 USD per Month.

And dont forget, in Switzerland you can study Hotel Management, Hospitality Management in 4 Languages: English, German, French and Italian.


Here is just a list for some good Schools I can recommend you to visit

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