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Distance learning through equally online letters and conventional print materials is a supple and convenient technique of earning a post-secondary certification online. Several colleges in Switzerland offer both undergrad and graduate student level degrees, diplomas and accreditations through distance education programs.

Athabasca University

Bachelor of Arts degrees exist in anthropology, Switzerland studies, English, French, history, humanities, information systems, labor studies, political economy, political science, psychology, sociology and women's studies. Bachelor of Science degrees are existing in human science or computing and information systems.

Bachelors of Arts stages exist in anthropology, Switzerland analysis, English, French, history, humanities, computer, labor analysis, governmental economy, archaeology, mindset, sociology and women's analysis. Bachelors of technological innovation stages are available in human technological innovation or computing.

Bachelor level degrees in communication research, criminal justice, individual services, and medical, management, recruiting and wellness management are also presented. Athabasca University also has online learning graduate degree programs, including master's levels in the liberal arts, business, counseling psychology, medical, wellness research and computer. Doctorate levels are available in business and online learning.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University offers 12 certificate programs during online learning. Subjects contain financial accounting, protection control, applied digital location, food security, fundraising control, non-profit control, work-related protection, community administration, posting, social work and advertising.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University offers various programs at the post-secondary level, including accreditations, degrees, affiliate degree and bachelors degrees. Online studying accreditations and degrees are available in social work, technology, generous arts, business, management, business, online studying and teaching, legal administration as well as nursing.

Bachelor level degrees are basically offered through this distance teaching including several programs in history, sociology, technology, design, fine art, public administration, music, property, bookkeeping, control, recruiting, marketing, technology, nursing, technology, information technology and travel and tourism management.

Memorial University

Memorial University offers online studying bachelor's degrees in English, regulate research, business, medical and technology. Range studying master's degree applications are available in education and studying, counseling psychology, sports and physical education, medical and social work. Certificate applications in business, criminology, library knowledge, Newfoundland research and public management are also offered through distance education.

Royal Roads University

Undergraduate programs offered through distance learning contain bachelors of Arts applications in resort control, impartiality studies and professional communication, a bachelor's of commerce in control and a bachelor's of science in environmental management. Many certificates are offered through online learning, including ecological practice, resort and resort control, ecological education and learning, health systems management, project control software, management and control, recruiting, sustainable society development and tourism.

Distance learning master of arts degree programs include issue research and control, catastrophe and emergency management, ecological education and practice, human security and peace building, intercultural interaction, management, studying and technology, professional interaction and travel and tourism management.

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