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Aim of Open University of Switzerland

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The Open University of Switzerland offers a comprehensive range of online Degree as well as Certificate programs to students from around the globe. Degree levels contain Executive Bachelor, Executive Masters, Bachelor, Associate Bachelor, Masters, as well as Doctorate. We too offer short, two-week Executive Certificate programs in a large range of career-related topics. Besides, the main language of teaching for all of our study programs is English.

The Open University is a British institute which issues appropriate degrees, equal to any other British university and such qualifications are suitable in Switzerland.

The Open University of Switzerland is a Zurich-based career training institute that provides a wide range of online Certificate as well as Degree programs to students from around the globe.


The Open University of Switzerland has a lot of aims. Some important aims that exhibit bellow:

Successful future for all students

Excellent lecturers

International Environment

High standard of Quality

To serve students from all over the world

Why you join the open university of Switzerland?

The Open University of Switzerland is a business as well as management online University that is also offering students' studies in sixteen different business fields. Besides, this an important business school has a lot of opportunities for Master, Bachelor as well as Doctorate degrees for part time studies. Moreover, a lot of students are also making use of this school to progress their careers. Besides, it is an Open University recognized as well as registered in Switzerland, which is capable of delivering exceptional career prospects. In this way, if you are trying to develop yourself for a present rile or beginning yourself to a new career.

Some course topics in open university in Switzerland:

Some course topics that are available in open university in Switzerland.

Accounting & Finance

Hotel & Hospitality Management

Business Administration

International Management

Sales & Marketing

Media & Communications

Nutrition & Culinary Arts

Degree & Certificate Options:

The open university of Switzerland offers a large number of degree level. Some Degree as well as Certificate Options that are available in open university in Switzerland. Degree as well as Certificate Options contains

Doctorate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master's Degree, Executive Master's Degree, Executive Bachelor Degree, Associate Bachelor Degree, Executive Certificate Short Programs.

The open University offers extra flexibility than the most different universities. Although the beginning as well as finish dates of the majority courses is mounted as well as there are recommended study timetables as well as stuck days for the lectures, besides, it's for the code to build a decision once as well as wherever they study regularly. Moreover, a number of study within the evenings; further work shifts that make possible them to figure all through the day.

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