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Ways to encourage the online students to participate in the course

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Taking online courses among the students specially the overseas students have been growing in a rapid number nowadays. For the ever increasing demand of online education, it is now a great challenge to cope with the materials of online education. At present many instructors are facing some worry about the level of participation in their online courses. This is because the instructors might have difficulty encouraging their students to interact with the other students or might be the instructors find their students responses to be perfunctory. Of course there must be an opportunity to encourage those types of participation that really does support learning in the online education.


There are some special techniques if you want to encourage your students interactions in order to boost learning in an online class. In recent seminar on online education there have some discussions regarding this concern and the output has come are listed below.


Optimized utilization of introductions

You should encourage your online students and also the professors to share their personal information such as their demographic data, interests, hobbies and other personal information. By sharing such information there will build a community raising interest in the students in the online class. It will make a friendly online environment in the class. This is the first assignment.

Utilization of the professor as a role model

As a perfect instructor, you should consider giving your students feedback about their assignments using a template that contains the details expectations for the assignment. You should model the good communications by adding your personal comments tailored to the students and thereby you may give an example of the substantive writing to the students.

Use of a clear grading system: Encourage the students to give helpful contributions by grading their discussions every week. Give them guidance on what sort of contributions are expected, such as in-depth analysis rather than simply I agree:

Utilization of a clear grading system for your online course

You should encourage the students to give some helpful contributions by grading their personal discussions in the forum every week. You can give them guidance on what kinds of contributions are expected from them.


Utilization of students moderators

The professor for the online course does not have to be only one who encourages valuable contributions from his students in the course. You can use student moderators with a rotating basis to manage thoughts. This practice of using student moderator will increase the thought of ownership of the online course and help the students to learn how to support each other and deepen their knowledge on the course.

Utilization of voice conference

Sometimes a live voice conference is proved to be a valuable addition to the online course. This opportunity lets the students to get to know each other and deepen their overall communication.

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