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For most students, they study in the classroom or, your course of study is usually spread over several months and in some cases, two or three years, and always maintain a high level of motivation for so long is almost impossible. The reasons are many, and each of these reasons affects different people in different ways.

First, in general, once you have started the studies, this event changed the balance in your life. Studies should be planned and with a pattern of life that was not there before. Family, friends and colleagues affected to a greater or lesser degree, by his decision to study. Requirements of the study, planning, organization facilities, the concentration required, press and - time or exam - the stress of life that must be managed effectively. Once past the initial enthusiasm to start the course and prepares the way for a new target when the pressure and workload begins to have a greater impact on your life.

Second, these relatively long periods of the study, the change. I mean that after a year, for example, have more experience in their job role, many studies have been completed. He promoted, or you will not be disappointed. Employees may have changed, or the administrator has been replaced by another.

Third, people in your life have changed, perhaps in the small, perhaps much more.

If you have children, they have aged and may be more demanding of their time. Your friends may have developed new interests, or has been moved or changed jobs and is not as close as before. One or more of your families, friends, employees themselves have changed jobs or start an education and the pressure that comes with them.

Fourth, contains an extensive study almost inevitably not exciting or boring, or you cannot see the relevance. Personally, I have always struggled with issues such as statistics and data analysis, and to justify this study was difficult! Some of my colleagues love these themes, but do not like what they see questions as vague as those on the management of people.

Finally, the study of a working can get professional degree. He works full time and also study at the professional level is the equivalent of having two jobs simultaneously. This means that, inevitably , will be tired and listless and irritable, probably some cases, because it works through a long course of study. The result is that your motivation level will drop as it becomes more difficult to study effectively in this state.

The first and most important step, the most critical is to recognize and accept that to maintain a constant level of motivation is impossible. The second step , equally important is to accept that even the extreme high and low control. The third step is also essential to plan and take positive steps to counter the influence of their motivation levels are attacked.

This action should be scheduled as soon as possible, preferably at the beginning of their studies, but it is too late to implement these measures. Specific actions are individually relatively simple and easy to implement. The difficulty lies in maintaining these measures to integrate them into their approach to their studies, their work and their private life and home, which becomes part of their lifestyle, rather than occasional and irregular activities.

Before testing, talk to your family or couple during the studies, and it is important for you and for them. In some cases, it is important to consider before deciding to go ahead. Be as safe as you can be, through research, to ask for advice, consultation with experts, the appropriate quality for their personal development course, and it fits into their plans.

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