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Open university of Switzerland; the benefits a student can get

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The open university of Switzerland offers the students with the flexibility and choice they need with a wide range of courses at the postgraduate and undergraduate level. Recent statistics show that at present there are about 980 students taking their education with the distance learning qualification in the open university of Switzerland. The unique style of the open university of delivering its distance learning courses is called supported open learning. Through online study, the innovative teaching style and materials of the open university of Switzerland gives you the flexibility the students need and bring taking education to life in a way never seen before. You will be able to take the benefits whether you are at home, at any work or on a journey. Distance learning means you will be able to learn in your own favored time by studying with study materials, writing assignments and working on activities. The open university of Switzerland gets support from the tutors which are the staff of UK based. They give you the opportunity to interact with other students whilst undertaking their distance education courses through Open Universitys online conferencing system, informal study group and tutorials.

The open university of Switzerland thus has achieved one of the best ratings in terms of satisfaction of student amongst the universities of Europe according to the 2013 National student survey. They have achieved an overall satisfaction rate of 92 percent.

The open university of Switzerland has been ranked as one of the top 5 universities every year since 2005 from when the survey was made. Statistics also show that about 94 percent of total students of Open University of Switzerland have found their courses intellectually stimulating. The university has also a higher rating in term of feedback and assessment.

The open university of Switzerland provides online support to its students. So when you study with the Open University, you will be able to take the advantage of the whole world of inspiring online education resources which is obviously at no extra cost to your course fees.

If you get admitted to the Open University of Switzerland, you will receive 24 hour access to their world class Open University library service including a huge number of quality assured online e-journals, research papers, e-books, databases, multimedia resources and many more. The huge amount of online library resources that are supported by your digital kit helps you a lot to research about any particular topic.

The open university of Switzerland has award winning career advice service that helps you to plan for your next move. Their social networking channel is so much strong that it helps a lot to make you the right step for your career.

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