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Open University of Switzerland & Their Aims

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What is the Open University?

The Open University is actually research and a distance learning university that is founded by Royal Charter in UK. It is funded by a mixture of contract income, student fees and allocations for research and teaching by the higher education supporting bodies throughout the United Kingdom. It is prominent for having an open admission policy. Here the extra benefit is that students' earlier academic achievements are not considered for admission to most undergraduate courses. Open University of Switzerland is quite famous for studying and research of their own. Every student has their opportunity to study, learn, research and gives an innovative output, which will be significant in future.

Aims of the Open University:

The Open University of Switzerland gives university education to those desiring to get higher education on a distance learning basis and/or part-time, including people who have health disabilities and who are legitimately a precedence group for the university, almost 13,000 Open University students have health disabilities.

Number of Open Universities in Switzerland:

There are approximately 976 students who are currently studying a distance learning criterion with the Open University in Switzerland.

Again, With an extensive choice of requirements, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, it offers students in Switzerland the option and flexibility they require.

The Open Universitys exceptional style of bringing its distance learning and research courses is known as 'supported open learning'. Whether you are in your own house, at your working place or on the move; the open universitys innovative teaching techniques and materials provide you the flexibility you require and fetch studying to life in a way which is never seen before.

Open learning and research mean that you will be learning and research in your own time by understanding, analysis, reading, study material, working on behavior, writing coursework

Supported means getting support from an instructor or teacher and from other Open University staff based on UK centers.

Youll also find the chance to interrelate with other students whilst enterprising our distance learning and research courses through the Open Universitys online conferencing scheme, tutorials and casual study groups.

Why the Open University:

Internationally respected UK university

Internationally prominent research

High global ranking

Quality guaranteed degrees known across the world

The excellent news is that top 5 UK universities for student pleasure 9 years in a row in general

The largest academic organization in the UK

Triple qualified Business School

Outstanding support

Where an enormous education means great value.

Personal tutor support

Online support and help like no other university!

Study and work. Earn money while you learn.

The Open Universitys range of learning methods provides flexible learning Which cant be found in other universities.

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