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Distance education through online; how to build a strong relationship with your professors

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As the students all over the world currently enroll in an online university, it is considered to be as one of the greatest challenges to build up a fairly good relationship with the professors. It is certainly evident that many online students enroll in an online program and then face the same challenge. We are sometimes across the state lines or even across the country lines from our professors so we do not have the ability or opportunity for a quick chat after a particular class or a visit during their office hours when we need additional insight.

It has been proved that students get benefits from a stronger connection with their professor and make the effort to cultivate the relationship within the online education environment. The best practices that help the students to build a strong relationship with the online professors can be listed as follows.

Make an introduction

Within the first 15 days of your course, it is so important to reach out to your professor and give him some background behind the reason of your enrollment and what you are hoping to gain from the course. Some professors may request this information to get to know about their students approach better but when there are more than hundred students taking an online course, it is up to each of the students to make their first connection with their professor and let the professor know that how much you are committed to be succeeding in their class. Many professors give their students with the facility of discussion boards to encourage open dialogue between them and the students, teacher assistants and the other professors. It creates a more casual environment for the students for introduction. If this not exists, then you should not hesitate to mail your professor directly.

Try to be engaged with all forms of communications

There are many communication channels beyond email. The professors may provide you with the opportunity to access the videos that are absolutely live and streaming of the lectures. Sometimes you are allowed to submit as well as also discuss your assignments via online medium like Skype, or even chat through the discussion board live platform during the office hours. It is very much crucial to take the advantages of all these feeds. These opportunities will add the human elements in your distance learning courses and sometimes you will be able to discuss about your course in the real time with professors. Online classes offer many ways of communications which may be visual and auditory instead of only being limited to email communication. So you need to take some extra steps to get more and more involved in your online classes.

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