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Franklin College Switzerland

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One of the liberal arts colleges in Switzerland is the Franklin College Switzerland which is located in Lugano. Lugano is a city of Switzerland which mostly speaks Italian language. Franklin College Switzerland is a private independent school which has an enrollment of 150 students with faculty members consisting of 53. The programs Franklin College Switzerland offers ate Bachelors degrees in Arts which are accredited by the Swiss Universities and Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Franklin College Switzerland proves multinational and cultural environment to their students so that they can learn better and can understand and respect others.

Franklin College Switzerland has very frequent academic trips to different countries of the world. This is so that students can open up their imagination, be inspired, be creative and understand different cultures of the world. Franklin College Switzerland was established in the year 1969 and is named after Benjamin Franklin. The students graduated from Franklin College Switzerland can have excellent opportunities across Europe and the United States of America. The campus has residential facility for students coming from different countries.

The education system of this college is latest and new. It offers the quality education, courses and diplomas. It would be a great task for you to join this college. The well professional and experienced staff is ready to offer the quality education. Now this college is delivering best education system and techniques. Hence it is playing a great role in the success of education system in Switzerland. If you need quality education, you can join this school for this purpose. The Franklin College Switzerland is a best place for the students who are willing to acquire quality education at affordable cost or price. Now the scholarship system is also available for the students. You can high quality education here.

The most important facilities of Franklin College Switzerland include the sports centre, gym club, library and parking space. The college travel service is also available at a reasonable price or cost. Hence it is a right place for the needy students. The Franklin College Switzerland is offering the best quality education in Switzerland. Hence the graduates of this college always acquire good positions in their life.

The campus of Franklin College Switzerland has classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, gymnasium, and playing area for students. The subjects taught at Franklin College Switzerland are mainly in English language however students have a choice to study other languages as well as a part of their course. The languages offered at Franklin College Switzerland are Spanish, German, Italian, and French, and the language course is worth 3 years long. Taking the travel program for the Arts degree is important at Franklin College Switzerland because it accredits the degree, Students along with their faculty members are taken to different places and countries which includes Turkey, America, Scotland, Spain, Poland, Romania and many others.

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Address: Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo (Lugano), Switzerland.

Telephone: +41 91 896 3613

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