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The educational system in Switzerland is as exciting and varied as the Swiss natural beauty and landscapes. Mirroring the diversity of cultures, history and languages in Switzerland, it is built on an interplay which is complex between the Confederation, the communes and the cantons. While the Constitution of Switzerland guarantees autonomy to the 26 cantons of the country in the area of education, the Federal Government and cantons both share responsibilities on higher education. The Confederation is responsible for both the advanced vocational training and the universities of applied sciences. Furthermore, it has jurisdiction over the two Federal universities of Technology and regulates and promotes the researches through the Swiss National Science Foundation or FNS in short. Each of the 10 university cantons is responsible for its university in the canton. Cantonal universities receive all the financial supports from the Confederation and from the cantons that do not have their own university in those cantons.

Higher study in Switzerland comprises academic studies at the 2 federal institutions of technology and 10 cantonal universities, at the more professional oriented universities of sciences and at the universities of teachers training. A few number of more university level institutions are also considered public institutions for higher study.
With the difference in approaches, history and research focus, as well as their language diversity, the 2 Federal Institutes of Technology and the 10 cantonal universities are poised to usher a multicultural Switzerland in the future. They all share a drive for a quality level in research and training, a proper ambition for excellence, the flexibility to cater for a multitude of demands and a foresight to anticipate the future challenges and requirements. These results in their consistently being top ranked among the best universities all over the world.
For higher study abroad, universities in Switzerland are the best to choose. There are many universities which are continuously remaining as the top level universities of world. Almost every university seems like the online universities here in Switzerland. All universities have their personal websites which offer the students with all the online supports needed. All the information is so much clearly categorized in the websites. You can find about the course titles, durations, costs and expenses and other necessary details from the website.
Swiss university handbook is the first and free educational website designed for the information of universities in Switzerland. This is by far the top level and modern solution for all the students who are thinking to obtain their higher study degree from Swiss universities. According to this site, approximately 1 million students are interested and looking to get admitted in the universities in Switzerland to obtain their higher studies. Recently more than 180 countrys students are completing their higher study degree there. If you wish to get admitted in any one universities of Switzerland, you may seek information from the Swiss university handbook as it is so much helpful. Stay with is to get the updated news about education.

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