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Art universities in Switzerland

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Art universities in Switzerland
Switzerland also houses famous and top ranked art schools in the world. Below are the lists of reference as to where you should be heading to improve your artistic skills.
- University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
As one of the worlds most recognized art universities in Switzerland, the school has modern teaching techniques that deliver unmatched curriculum programs for the students. The university applies practices and theories to improve research and studies.
The university has an interesting multidisciplinarity that combines knowledge from different fields such as economic, environment, and social.
The school also creates opportunities for foreign students and teachers to be part of their extensive innovation and continual research.

- University of Art and Design Lausanne
The university is highly recognized due to its excellent in visual communication and industrial courses. There is also fine arts course that offers bachelor degree and master degree including film studies and product design.
The school also provides foundation program specialized for students who wish to continue to an advanced degree in design.

- School of Art and Media Design
As a private institute, School of Art and Media Design is one of the best universities in Switzerland that offer fine art and design fields. Established in 1971, the school is famous due to its Art diploma qualification. Currently, School of Art and Media design is undergoing evaluation to gain official recognition.

- Royal Academy of Culinary Arts
The academy offers diploma programs for 2 years. It has been accredited in 2 countries namely Jordan and Switzerland itself. The students also have the opportunity to be transferred to neighborhood country such as Spain and Chicago.
With a huge area of facilities, the private school is a privilege to anyone who enters and experiences the pleasant environment while pursuing their study. The academy has extensive collection of todays kitchen technology can offer. Using only the best equipment in culinary, the academy is recognized by international restaurants and hotels.
- Zurich University of the Arts
As a center of fine arts and wider programs, Zurich University of the Arts offers excellent curriculum of degree program ranging from film, theatre to music. The projects are effective for further education and career path with ideal environment and constant research.

The school holds exhibitions regularly- showcasing the achievements of teachers and students from various departments. A cutting edge theatre and music concert hall are only two of other facilities that you will get as an art student in this university. The university houses a museum of Design that presents arts. With more than 500 events every year, the university contributes significantly to the culture and vulture of Switzerland.

There are still many other top ranked art schools in Switzerland. The lists provided above are just some of them. To get more detailed information in Switzerland art universities, you can find a reliable Educational Network in Switzerland to get the full lists of available universities along with the scholarships and steps to enroll.

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