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Why Students Prefer to Study in Switzerland

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Those who would like to expand their horizons would like to go places and study there. One of the most preferred countries for schooling is Switzerland. This has been in the list of students who would like to study abroad. There are 4 languages in Switzerland; they are the Swiss German, French, and Italian & Romansch. Did you know that there are twelve general universities in Switzerland and most of them are offering applied sciences? The Swiss universities are also very rich in support coming from the government and the fees for their citizens and enrollees are very minimal too. 
In some of other countries, there are fees required for foreign enrollees or they are required to pay small amount of money only just to entice more enrollees from across the globe. For those who would like to study in Switzerland, did you know that twenty one percent of those are from other countries? Switzerland has the uppermost ranked universities in the continental part of Europe just in 2012 at the QS world university rankings. Its ETH Zurich that is on number thirteen. Its Switzerland that was able to get 3 organizations within the top 100. Its the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne on number 29, while University of Geneva at number seventy four. The University of Zurich made it to number ninety.
A lot of enrollees there took their masters degree in English language, though some of the enrollees are currently taking undergraduate courses and programs as well in Italian, French and German languages respectively. The courses that they have for undergraduate level in English are now growing dramatically; on the other hand, most of the universities there are focused in providing applied sciences. Foreigners primarily worry about their tuition fees and their board and lodging expenses. There is nothing to worry about, since most of the universities there can be paid for annually and for foreign students, you have to at least prepare around six hundred fifty pounds up to one thousand pounds and this is applicable, but for certain universities only and it doesnt apply to most universities there.
For the University of Italian Switzerland for instance, they charged higher fee that could be as high as two thousand six hundred pounds yearly. And UK students will be allowed to only work fifteen hours weekly while studying. This only apply for those who do not have a work permit there, but needs to earn money to sustain their needs while studying. Students from foreign countries can also apply for scholarships, which the universities made available for them too. You can check it with the Swiss embassy in your country.
There are also subsidized campuses that accommodate students from foreign countries, but this is more available for those who are renting their private rooms or dormitories. To get started, you can contact the housing office of the university to know what kind of assistance they could possibly provide you and if they can still offer anything to make life easier for you there. The cost of living is high now in Switzerland and it Zurich was named as the expensive city in the world, while Geneva is on the 3rd place.

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